The Process

Keepsake Threads Custom Products are where it all began! Utilizing YOUR sentimental clothing and photographs, The Threads Crew will create your very own unique and personal Keepsake.

  • Got a drawer full of your kid’s t-shirts from their high school activities? We’ll make you a fabulous t-shirt quilt! 
  • How about that wedding dress hanging in the back of your closet or stored up in the attic? We’ll make beautiful pillows or a Christmas Tree skirt and stockings that you can share with your family!
  • Dad’s old ties? We suggest a fun pillow, stuffed animal, or funky quilt!
  • Adorable little outfits from your little one’s first year? Let us make a fun crib quilt or a cuddly stuffed animal!
  • Family Photos? Grandma’s recipe cards? We can digitize your printed materials and print
    them to fabric to incorporate into any of our products!

The possibilities are virtually endless! Our designer will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your special garments and photographs are handled with the utmost care and incorporated into a truly meaningful new creation. Step into our shop and see what we can make for you!